A Closure that we all need

“good design is as little design as possible. Less, but better- because is concentrates on essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to Simplicity.” -Dieter Rams

Goal of simple design is that it’s easy to use. Although, the understanding towards SPD will grow with the course. The course SPD(simple product design) is guided by faculties Mr. Amaltas Khan and Mr. Kishen patel for 7 weeks.

Task 1

The course started with us to look around for the designs that amaze us/attract us for it’s qualities, moreover how we perceive them. Pandemic has took me to this place called ‘kitchen’ the most, so most of my products were around kitchen and edibles.

Task 2

Till now we all have had enough products/designs at hand to follow a certain direction, Although, we kept on surfing through web to get the designs around our domains. Next task that we were given was to come up with a tagline that best expresses the approach we’re gonna follow. ‘A Closure that we all need’, is the tagline that in my opinion was better at providing the gist of the process.

Task 3

With all the designs that we had till now, to analyze and narrow down our way through the course we mapped our products/design on a graph on the basis of size, scale and complexity.

Task 4

Since by now we had an field of interest, we could move to the next phase of defining the macro aspects. We had to now form a design brief for the problem area that we prone to solving upon. For this task we took help of the framework-AEIOU from universal principles of design.

Initial brief- “How can we design a storage solution for spices in an Indian kitchen context which provides better opening/closing so that the task becomes less tedious and time efficient.”

With the course of time and the data collected, the brief will get dug up and henceforth, we will have arrived on our final brief.

Task 5

Task analysis- process of learning about ordinary users by observing them in action to understand in detail how they perform their tasks and achieve their intended goals.

Task 6

The observations gathered through task analysis required some general evidence so as to take audience poll over the observations. Noting down the questions around the task analysis and conducting a survey was an appropriate IDEO method which in turn provided me with some more interesting insights as well.

Purpose statement- the purpose of this research is to look into the usage of spices from it’s storage tool to device a better tool for further more convenient use and storage of spices.

Task 7

The factors related to the design brief/ opportunity area. The observations can be noted down under the factors that are related.

Task 8

Conceptualizing- Before starting to conceptualize, here were some features that I noted down, which would describe my solution aid better. The numerology is in the order of the priority for the concepts

Redesigned brief- “How can we design a better storage solution for spices in an Indian kitchen context which aids to it’s effortless usage while adding to the user experience.”

~Concept 10~

#This concept in addition with push button mechanism which will aid single hand use.

#Incorporates the value of dispensing just a fixed amount of spice with one click. This would allow the the user who is anonymous to the kitchen tools, to use it efficiently from the very first use without worrying about the unwanted amount getting dispensed.

#This mechanism stores that fixed amount of spice in that space before hand.

#Least or no direct contact with the spice/ stored in air tight container. Separately storing the spices.

Task 9


Task 10

After I was done with my mock up over the suggested mechanism, the next step was to work on the over all form and the details of the dispenser.

#The decided form has a transformation from a circle to square to fit the mechanism and the cap efficiently.

#Handle being incorporated into the device for better gripping while using the dispenser.

#This product creates a mental model within the users for it administers the amount being dispensed with one click- one can administer how much they are putting with every click in their dishes as well as controlling it’s overdo.

#Spices in Indian context play an essential role, this product keeps the aroma of the spice intact, dismissing the mixing of different aromas as in case of spice rack.

#The window provides a look through the product to the spice, which would not just aid the refilling idea to the user but also improves the experience with an indirect contact with the spice.

#Time and experience- focusing onto the little problem areas helps in managing the time better as cooking being a swift task, this improves the over all experience of cooking eliminating the small irritations.

The final product model

Perspective views

Front and Side view

Dispensing and the Cap

Exploded view

Final measurements

Context (household kitchen)



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